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Aggtelek karst region belongs to the Északi-Középhegység (northern mountains), while in terms of evolution and structure it rather fits into the inner arc of the North-west Carpathians. Although the surface of the Aggtelek karst provides a great number of sights the most renowned and valuable treasures of the national park are the caves. There are more than two hundred and sixty of them, out of which twenty are protected to a greater extent. Though it is strongly suspected, that they make up one huge system of caves, explorations have not confirmed this, since quite a few caves are still unexplored by experts. Only a part of the cave systems can be found in the territory of Hungary.


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Eger is lying in the middle of Hungary's vineyard region, almost 100 miles east of the capital, and is a popular destination for visitors. Eger is notably famous for being the stronghold against the Turks in the 16th century and for its famous red wine known as Bull's Blood. The legend has it that the Hungarian's drank loads of wine before battle and the marauding Turks saw their red, wine-stained beards and thought that it was bulls blood. There are numerous historic sites here but many head straight for one of Eger's most famous; the 130ft minaret. 100 cramped steps take you to the top. Other historic sites in Eger's pedestrian centre include; Eger castle, cathedral, observatory, and many fine examples of Baroque architecture. top


Sopron is very close to the Austrian border and is a treasure trove of historic buildings. With foundations from Roman times, the 185 ft. high Fire Tower has become the symbol of the city. Also worth seeing are the numerous old churches, such as the Dominican and the Evangelic, a synagogue dating back to Gothic times, and former burgess houses, like the Storno and the Fabricius, and the Caesar House with its Venetian-style balcony. The town is surrounded by the pine-covered Lõvérek Mountain, a great area to explore. The vineyards produce fine wines, like the Soproni Kékfrankos. There are many tourist attractions outside of the city. In the garden town of Sopronbánfalva, the impressive Carmelite church building and monastery with Baroque steps look down from a hill. top
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